Sipscollection Tea Club

Exclusive Teas - Delivered to You!

Ever wanted to try black tea versions of household green tea types? Or Dancong varietals that you've never even heard the name of before? How about terroirs where locals would see me and ask, why did you even come here? The Sipscollection Tea Club is for you! Try novel and unique teas that can rarely or can't be found in the western market.

  • Exotic & Rare Teas

    Try a variety of teas rarely seen outside the Chinese market. 3 exquisite teas totalling to around 50g per month, right to your doorstep.

  • Affordable

    For just S$30 (US$22.50) a month, try teas that are worth more than S$30. Bang for your buck and a bargain. Did I mention, free shipping included too? Also, your first month is on us :)

  • Hassle Free

    We choose, you drink! You can choose per month servings, or a tea box sent to you every two months. Cancel anytime. No contractual nonsense.

We're gauging interest!

First Shipment: May 1st 2024