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Red Tea / Black Tea

The fully oxidised version of Chinese & Taiwanese tea. Boasting flavours from maltiness to milkiness. This type of tea has years of history being produced in areas like Fujian, to the south in Yunnan, and to the north in Zhejiang.

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Jiuqu Hongmei Black TeaJiuqu Hongmei Black Tea
Jiuqu Hongmei Black Tea九曲红梅 Sale priceFrom $6.50
Huang Guan Yin Jinjunmei Black TeaHuang Guan Yin Jinjunmei Black Tea
Huang Guan Yin Jinjunmei Black Tea黄观音金骏眉 Sale priceFrom $8.50
Yixing Black TeaYixing Black Tea
Yixing Black Tea宜兴红 Sale priceFrom $5.50
Longtan Red Jade Black TeaLongtan Red Jade Black Tea
Longtan Red Jade Black Tea龙潭红玉 Sale priceFrom $8.00